Ten Things you didn't know about the berrics... with morgan smith

先日のBATV4のファイナルにてPJLaddに打ち勝った、BlindやDC、Momentum WheelでおなじみのカナダのMorgan Smithが、
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Ten Things you didn't know about the berrics... with morgan smith

1. The fridge has an endless supply of Gatorade, every color.

2. It's in the middle of nowhere, just a big industrial area, with no places to eat around it, unless your down to mission in a car, board or on foot.

3. The floor is not as slippery as everyone thinks, it's good.

4. They took my complete after the whole thing was over. They wanted to display it or something.

5. It's really hot in there with 600 people watching. I drank 16 litres of water during the whole contest and didn't eat anything and only went to the bathroom twice, sweated it all out.

6. The first 10ft at the top of every set is cement, and the rest of the run up is wood, popping off cement feels good.
7. Chase Gabor(the main filmer at the berrics) is the hardest working guy in skateboarding, he's usually there from 9am till midnight all week, and he's always doing something, either filming or editing upstairs,
he does it big. He also drinks Starbucks at least 8 times a day and is sponsored by PowerBalance bracelets.
Chase Gaborはスケートボード業界で最も働いている男だよ。通常9時から深夜まで毎日休まずにべリックスにいて常に何かしているんだ。撮影とか上の階で編集とかね。相当働いているよ。
それと彼はスタバのコーヒーを一日最低8回は飲んでいて、PowerBalance braceletsからサポートを受けている。

8. They have a full shower and kitchen set up(fridge, microwave, sink,dishwasher). I've never stayed the night but for a while there was 3 guys staying in the kitchen/chill room on the couches, pretty raw. People crash there all the time for sure.
9. There is at least 20 people who run the Berrics and the website from an-other warehouse down the street, they all have their own offices and all the product they sell is there, they are all super cool. Thanks everyone!

9 1/2. Felix Arguelles lives down the street in a huge loft and has a key to the park and kills the park all the time.
Felix Arguellesが近くの大きなロフトに住んでいて、パークの鍵ももっていていつもハンパない滑りをしている。

10. Usually they don't let kids into the park who just show up to skate, but it happens all the time, I feel bad because I know how stoked those kids would be to skate.
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Translation Challenge -GUY MARIANO on MOUSE-




I probably had a little more time than the rest of the team to film because I was hanging out with the Menace guys and they were already working on their video. So I was going around with Soc' Socrates Leal and flming before the guys in Mouse got stared on it. So I had a little head start on that one. I think that was because I missed out on a lot of Girl videos in the pas. I was kind of bummed not to be a part of it. I was watching Gabriel and Fabian Alomar and all these guys skate and started getting pumped. It really got me phyched to want to put out a video part.


"The reason I was never in any skits was because I was nervous. I feel like I don't know how to act. When most of the skits were being filmed I'd be like, "This is going to be cheesy," But then you see it and it's like, " Oh, that was super rad, I wish I could have been a part of it." I was supposed to be in the boxing skit with Keenan but I backed out ot it and Mike York did it.
スキット(寸劇)に一度も登場しなかった理由はちょっと緊張しちゃってたんだよね。どのように演じればいいのかわからないよって気持ちだった。その撮影が終了間近の頃、「どうせ適当なんでしょ」って思ってたけど、実際に観てみて、「うわ〜やばい、俺もやってればよかった」ってなったよ。当初はBoxing skitでキーナンミルトンと競演するはずだったんだけど、俺がしりごんでいたからマイクヨークが最終的に役を演じたよ。

"Me, Mike York, and a couple of other people were living with Eric Liston and those were great times. Eric would wake up and make us all these breakfast sandwiches and coffee and we'd go skate all day. I remember our big meal, if we had a good day, was Califorina Pizza Kitchen. We thought, "We made i! We've arrived!" Eric and I fed off each other a lot, He went to Canada and came back with all this footage. All my part waws filmed in LA, Back then you could put a whole part together in LA. I guess you still could. Paul Rodriguez just did it.
俺とマイクよーくとその他大勢でエリックコストンと共に生活していて、とてもいい時間をすごしていたよ。エリックが起きるとみんなにサンドウィッチとコーヒーをみんなに作ってくれて、その後は一日中スケートしていたよ。いい事があった日には、決まってCalifornia Pizza Kitchenに食事をしに行っていた事を覚えているよ。「俺らはやりとげたんだ!!」ッて感じでね。エリックとはよく一緒に食事をしていたよ。当時彼はカナダに行って撮影した映像を使っているけど、自分のパートは全てLAのスポットで撮影したんだ。

"When you 're making a video and you have a big team, sometimes it's really hard because you go out with like eight dudes and you end up at a spot where you don't want to be and you're sitting around all day, Some times it's good to go out solo where you know there's stuff you want to do and spots you want to skate. You just roll out with the filmer. That's what me ad Tim Dowling were doing at that point. We had a good chemistry because we were good friends. He was growing weed in his house. I was smoking it.

"The reason the switch frontside shove it crooked grind on the rail wasn't in my part was because Tim Gavin was kind of transitioning out of skating at that time and we made him a bet to grind that rail. He did it and it gottame super pumped. I landed my trick right after and I was like there's no way that footage could be split up. It has be like that with everyone hi-fiving and being all happy. And you just couldn't put all that in the part.

"Did I have the last part? I thought Eric did. Take that Koston! "

Switch frontside shove it crooked grindがパートで塚割られなかった理由なんだけど、ティムギャビンがちょっと現役から離れていた感じの頃、レールでグラインドするかどうかみんなで賭けていたんだよ。彼が乗ってそれですごく感化され、直後に自分のトリックを乗る事が出来たんだ。連続して出来たとこを切り離せるわけがなかった。みんながハイファイブしたりで楽しい時間だったからね。それをただ全部自分のパートに繋げることが出来なかったってだけだよ。

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goes around tsukuba

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